The Pound announces successful capital funding from Arts Council England and seek your support to make it a reality

The Pound Arts Trust is thrilled to announce their bid for Capital Funding from Arts Council England was successful, contributing an enormous amount of money to their fund and enabling them to begin to make some wonderful improvements around the arts centre building in Corsham.

Last year The Pound launched The Pound Renovation Fund to raise money to ensure their 100,000+ visitors each year continue to enjoy the variety of activities they offer. The team at The Pound, their hirers, customers and local community have been working hard to raise the money. Big thanks from the Pound team go to everyone who has supported and donated over the past year, but they still need to continue to raise funds and seek your help to reach the match funding required to release the Arts Council Grant.

If you’d like to help and support their plans going forward, then contact them at You can vote for The Pound in The Aviva Community Fund which offers them the chance to receive £20,000 which would go a long way toward their remaining target. Only the votes will get them to the judging stage.

More about The Pound Arts Trust on their website

View the Pound’s press release here: Press Release – Renovation Fund, Pound Arts


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