Opportunity: Public art commission, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire

We are looking for an artist specialising in public art who brings the community together and creates special and bespoke features for the public realm. Our desire is to create 5 distinctive entrance features gateway features throughout the village.

We are also keen to develop artistic focal features in central locations in the two main village public open spaces/ parks. These also could reflect on themes such as
• Ancient landscape
• Farming and agriculture
• Local archaeological finds
• And local history

The fee for the work is £25,000. This fee should cover all costs associated with the design process, local research and workshops, materials, fabrication, transport and installation. We would like to commission our chosen artist in 2 phases: the first phase is for research, community engagement and design (for up to £1,500) and the second phase (pending fully costed design proposals) for the creations, delivery of work/s, installation and unveiling of the works of art (for upto £23,500).

Expression of Interest should be submitted electronically entitled “Expression of Interest in Artworks for Shrivenham village entrances” by Monday 7th January 2019 and should include;
• Examples of at least 6 previous projects you have work on
• An artistic statement in response to the brief and your interest in the project
• An indication of your approach and ideas to this opportunity
• Ability to deliver this project within the indicated budget and timescale.
• The name and contact details of a previous commissioner should also be supplied.

Contact Details:

Vale of White Horse District Council
135 Eastern avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB

Source: oxonarts

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