Opportunity: Artist callout – Graffiti Project, Salisbury International Arts Festival

Wiltshire Creative is a pan-arts organisation that brings together the energy of Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury International Arts Festival and Salisbury Playhouse. It is an ambitious and innovative joint arts offer that secures a bright future for audiences, artists and participants.

We are inviting community groups to contribute to the 2019 Salisbury International Arts Festival (24 May – 9 June 2019) by sharing the thoughts, hopes, challenges and dreams of our community through Graffiti Art.

In November 1989 the fall of the Iron Curtain was prompted by the collapse of one of the Cold War’s greatest signifiers the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall which was erected in 1961 in order to divide the West and East sides of the city became on its West side the largest open air canvas upon which artists from all over the World came to express their views and feelings through graffiti art.

Thirty years on as part of the Salisbury International Festival we are looking back at this momentous time in the world’s history with the aspiration to recall this creative legacy in the festival’s Community project –Tell It As It Is

Large panels should reflect the narrative of the current lives and experiences, interests as well as the challenges of the Salisbury community. Groups will be provided with the panels, materials where needed and access to an artist to start the process.

Referencing the attitudes of the artwork on the Berlin Wall the design on the panels should encompass an array of subject matters related to experiences and feelings, which might be positive and uplifting as well as an opportunity to reflect on challenging issues.

The panels need to be completed by Friday May 10th 2019 when they will be collected ready to be displayed for the duration of the festival.

For further information or to express your interest as an artist contact Gjenya.cambray@wiltshirecreative.co.uk with images or links to your work by 25 March 2019 or call 01722 343030

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