Opportunity: Ridgeway Farm public art project update – your chance to get involved

We mentioned in July that this project was underway following Wiltshire Council Arts Service securing a commitment from Taylor Wimpey through the planning process to deliver a public art that would engage the local community.

Residents of the Ridgeway Farm and Purton Community are working with local artist Melissa Cole to create a legacy public art piece for a communal space on the new housing development at Ridgeway Farm.

Melissa took part in the Ridgeway Farm Academy Summer Fair in July and has started to meet up with local people to plan the project. There are already lots of exciting ideas and people emerging with lots of fascinating skills and interests.

All local residents are invited to get involved and especially anyone with any kind of interest in: Local history, craft, wildlife, photography, art, walking, trees or nature.

Melissa is going to start a series of walk and talk sessions to enable everyone to explore and share the space together and see who else shares it; bats, birds, bees, foxes, frogs, dogs, deer, mice … she hopes that everyone will get inspired to help create a fabulous piece of art that will really mean something to the people who live in the area.

The first Walk ‘n’ Talk is on Sunday 11th August 2019 at 11am – meet outside Ridgeway Farm Academy, The Buffer, SN5 4GT

This is an open invitation for you to show Melissa your public open spaces and share with her and the group how you hope these spaces will be used in the future.

Bring your dog / trainers / wellies / camera / notebook/ sketchbook / friend / binoculars / map / flask…!

The aim is to spend a couple of hours as a group exploring your space – looking at where any art work might go and letting you get to know Melissa and find out more about this project.

Ideas already suggested and open for discussion are;

* Entrance Sculpture * Seating – Meeting Places * Nature Trail * Wildlife Sculpture
* Community Orchard * Bat Boxes *

This project needs your help! Do you have an interest in the history of the farm, birds, trees and gardening, nature and wildlife and/or just want to be involved in the art project in some way?

This project needs a keen photographer to document the project – this could be a student or amateur wanting to develop a project of their own – please get in touch!

Melissa will also be looking for anyone with wood working skills that might be able to help.

No unaccompanied children (or pets!) – please come as a family instead!

RSVP to melissa@melissacole.co.uk

Follow this https://melissacoleartistblacksmith.blogspot.com/ to find out more about the project and/or sign up for regular updates!

Follow #ridgewayfarmart on Twitter and Instagram

If you would like to contribute to this project in any way please let Melissa know via email: melissa@melissacole.co.uk

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