Opportunity: Public Art commission – village signs for Drayton, Oxfordshire

Drayton Parish Council is seeking artists to work with us to design images that can be reproduced into distinctive metalwork features for the three main road entrances to the village (Steventon Road, Drayton Road and Abingdon Road). We are particularly interested in designs that celebrate Drayton as a village and in particular its wonderful history as a Walnut Orchard. We are keen to discuss design possibilities with our chosen artist and work closely with them to develop manufacturing/fabrication options. It is likely that artists will be asked to present their final design to the residents of the village in a public forum for viewing and discussion.

Expression of Interest should be submitted by email to publicart@draytonpc.org entitled “Expression of Interest in Artworks for Drayton village entrances” by 28 February 2020 and should include the following details:

– Provide examples of at least 6 previous projects you have work on.

– Confirm whether you have previously worked on a project for a public body such as a county, city, district or parish council.

– Include an artistic statement and your interest in the project

– Indicate the approximate timing for producing your final design.

– Provide an indication of the price for your design.

All Expressions of Interest will be treated with confidence and reviewed only by the Parish Council members and their liaison at the Vale of White Horse District Council. The Drayton Parish Council will consider all Expressions of Interest received by the above deadline and will select an artist by mid-March 2020.

Source: OxOnArts

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